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Our Design Services

The Kitchen Works is a comprehensive resource for building professionals and homeowners!

We are committed to customer satisfaction - we want you to enjoy your entire experience with us and be satisfied with the end project for years to come! Many decisions must be made before your new kitchen plan is "just right."

Our goal is to help you comfortably navigate the process of designing or renovating your kitchen.  

  • We work with you to understand the parameters of every job and will suggest products to fit your needs and budget

  • We will take field measurements for cabinetry

  • Determining the floorplan that best suits your space and style

  • Create design plans and options

  • Assist in selecting cabinets (wood species, door style, etc.), countertops (materials, colors, etc.), hardware, and accessories

  • Time your orders to meet construction deadlines

  • Schedule the installation of your cabinets with critical attention to detail

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