Planning your Kitchen Remodel

Planning your kitchen remodel may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you and let us help you work through the kitchen remodeling process!

Defining Your Style

Some people are born with a natural ability to create a design from scratch incorporating all elements seamlessly; most of us aren’t. How many times have you thought, I can’t tell you what I want but I know when I see it? For design mortals, the best way to define your style is to copy others! Take some time to browse design magazines and home improvement shows noting what you like and don’t like. Clip and file pictures of entire kitchens and even elements of kitchens that you like in an "idea book". These kitchen resources can get you started!

Cabinetry Grades

You’ve probably heard or read about custom, semi-custom and stock cabinetry, but what does it really mean? View our kitchen cabinetry primer to get a primer on what each of these terms means. Then come in to our showroom and let us show you the differences in person!


These days there is almost as much variety in countertop materials as there is in cabinetry. And with today’s engineered materials offering a dizzying array of options and benefits there is a lot to consider. Let our handy kitchen countertop comparison start you on your journey to choosing the perfect work surface for your needs! Then come in and have one of our designers show you each product in person. You can even take samples home with you to view in your own space!


What type of "user" are you? Are you an aspiring chef or a take-out queen? Do you have young children in your house? What about pets? What tasks do you use your kitchen for besides cooking (i.e. homework, bill paying, internet surfing, etc.)? Answering these questions will help inform your kitchen design. Use this functionality questionnaire to help you define your needs.